Abitha Murugeshu

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AIM The physiochemical properties, controlled release characteristics, stability and cellular uptake of chitosan (Chi)/poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PGLA) and PLGA particles with entrapped α-tocopherol were investigated to understand the behavior of these nanoparticles in the GI tract. MATERIALS & METHODS Chi/PLGA and PLGA particles stabilized by(More)
Homocysteine thiolactone-induced protein modification (HTPM) is a unique post-translational protein modification that is recognized as an emergent biomarker for cardiovascular disease. HTPM involves the site-specific acylation of proteins at lysine residues by homocysteine thiolactone (HTL) to produce protein homocystamide, which has been found at elevated(More)
We report the first demonstration of rapid electrophoretic monitoring of homocysteine thiolactone-induced protein oligomerization (HTPO), a unique type of post-translational protein modification that may have clinical significance as an indicator of cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. HTPO of the model protein bovine cytochrome c was initiated in(More)
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