Abishek Sharma

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Ionic transition metal complexes (iTMCs) have already been demonstrated to be a promising type of material to fabricate low-cost light sources, which are much more competitive in terms of realization costs with respect to standard organic light emitting diodes. The device performance, optical and morphological properties of thin films of two different(More)
We investigate the effect of Coulomb scattering from trapped charges on the mobility in the two-dimensional channel of an organic field-effect transistor. The number of trapped charges can be tuned by applying a prolonged gate bias. Surprisingly, after increasing the number of trapped charges to a level where strong Coulomb scattering is expected, the(More)
In this paper, a two dimensional large signal analysis of helix traveling wave tube (TWT) is done for non-ideal beam launching. This actually means that the electrons enter the interaction region with an initial radial velocity. Focussing magnetic field is used in axial direction to confine the beam as it progresses down the interaction region. It is also(More)
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