Abishek Manian

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The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-seeded polyethylene-oxide-terephthalate/polybutylene-terephthalate (PEOT/PBT) scaffold for cartilage tissue repair in an osteochondral defect using a rabbit model. Material characterisation using scanning electron microscopy indicated that the scaffold had a(More)
Reaching a power efficiency of 1mW/Gb/s has proven difficult for wireline transceivers operating at tens of gigabits per second. At 40Gb/s, recent receivers consume from 150mW [1] to 1W [2]. This paper describes a receiver that achieves a tenfold reduction in power and an efficiency of 0.35mW/Gb/s. The proposed receiver uses a " minimalist " approach, which(More)
— A 40-Gb/s equalizer incorporates a one-stage CTLE with 5.5-dB boost, a one-tap discrete-time linear equalizer with 5.4-dB boost, a two-tap half-rate/quarter-rate DFE, and charge-steering techniques. Realized in 45-nm CMOS technology, the equalizer achieves BER < 10 –12 with a clock phase margin of 0.28 UI with a channel loss of 20 dB at Nyquist. With the(More)
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