Abisai Ramirez-Perez

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The survival of several genera of fungi was determined in the ensiled solid fraction of swine faeces after 0, 7, 14, 28 and 56 days of ensiling. The experiment had two treatments, un-ensiled and ensiled manure, in a split-plot design. The manure was distributed into 50 containers; samples, taken at the specified times, were cultured in agar potato dextrose(More)
INTRODUCTION The dichotic hearing test consists of simultaneous stimulation of right and left ears with different messages, allowing analysis of the better or worse selective integration of these messages. MATERIAL AND METHODS With the latest techniques, the tonal dichotic test is applied by listening to a sample of 90 persons, ages from between 20 and 50(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE From the multimedia technology and of the digital recording of the voice, we have redesigned the verbal dichotic listening test. The recognition of 15 monosyllabic word pairs offered though some earphones is presented in an interactive program. METHODS Using the mouse button, the subject decides the moment in which each stimuli(More)
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