Abira Sarkar

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Long recognized as an evolutionarily ancient cell type involved in tissue homeostasis and immune defense against pathogens, macrophages are being rediscovered as regulators of several diseases, including cancer. Here we show that in mice, mammary tumor growth induces the accumulation of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) that are phenotypically and(More)
TGFβ1 is a regulatory cytokine with a crucial function in the control of T cell tolerance to tumors. Our recent study revealed that T cell-produced TGFβ1 is essential for inhibiting cytotoxic T cell responses to tumors. However, the exact TGFβ1-producing T cell subset required for tumor immune evasion remains unknown. Here we showed that deletion of TGFβ1(More)
During their development, tumors acquire multiple capabilities that enable them to proliferate, disseminate and evade immunosurveillance. A putative mechanism is through the production of the cytokine TGF-β1. We showed in our recent studies that T cell-produced TGF-β1 inhibits antitumor T cell responses to foster tumor growth raising the question of the(More)
Tolerance induction in T cells takes place in most tumors and is thought to account for tumor evasion from immune eradication. Production of the cytokine TGF-β is implicated in immunosuppression, but the cellular mechanism by which TGF-β induces T cell dysfunction remains unclear. With a transgenic model of prostate cancer, we showed that tumor development(More)
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