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This paper dealswith nonnegativematrix factorization (NMF) dedicated to unmixing of hyperspectral images (HSI). We propose several improvements to better relate the output endmember spectra to the physical properties of the input data: firstly, we introduce a regularization term which enforces the closeness of the output endmembers to automatically selected(More)
There are two main contributions in this paper. Firstly, we estimate the rank for the truncation of the Parafac decomposition in an optimal sense. For this, we propose a least squares criterion and justify the choice of the fast Nelder-Mead method to minimize this criterion. Secondly, we combine the truncation of the Parafac decomposition with(More)
Multiway Wiener filtering has been inserted in a wavelet framework to enhance spatial details while denoising multidimensional images. An elevated number of rank values is required. A solution is to retrieve the best rank values while minimizing a mean square criterion. In this paper, we justify the adaptation for this purpose of a stochastic optimization(More)
In the literature, there are several methods for multilinear source separation. We find the most popular ones such as nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF), canonical polyadic decomposition (PARAFAC). In this paper, we solved the problem of the hyperspectral imaging with NMF algorithm. We based on the physical property to improve and to relate the output(More)
Malic enzyme 1 plays a fundamental role in lipid metabolism because it yields a significant amount of the NADPH necessary for fatty acid biosynthesis. In ruminants, however, its contribution to this biochemical process seems to be less relevant than in other livestock species. In this study, we have partially sequenced the goat ME1 gene with the aim of(More)
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