Abir Jaafar Hussain

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This paper proposes a novel type of higher-order pipelined neural network: the polynomial pipelined neural network. The proposed network is constructed from a number of higher-order neural networks concatenated with each other to predict highly nonlinear and nonstationary signals based on the engineering concept of divide and conquer. The polynomial(More)
Globally, the rate of preterm births are increasing, thus resulting in significant health, development and economic problems. Current methods for the early detection of such births are inadequate. Nevertheless, there has been some evidence that the analysis of uterine electrical signals, collected from the abdominal surface, could provide an independent and(More)
This research focuses on using various higher order neural networks (HONNs) to predict the upcoming trends of financial signals. Two HONNs models: the Pi-Sigma neural network and the ridge polynomial neural network were used. Furthermore, a novel HONN architecture which combines the properties of both higher order and recurrent neural network was(More)
There has been some improvement in the treatment of preterm infants, which has helped to increase their chance of survival. However, the rate of premature births is still globally increasing. As a result, this group of infants are most at risk of developing severe medical conditions that can affect the respiratory, gastrointestinal, immune, central nervous,(More)