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Plant products such as perillyl alcohol have been reported to possess anti-tumor activities against a number of human cancers though the mechanism of action has not yet been elucidated. The effects of perillyl alcohol (POH) and its metabolite perillic acid (PA) on the proliferation of non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC, A549, and H520) cells were(More)
d-Limonene has efficacy in preclinical models of breast cancer, causing >80% of carcinomas to regress with little host toxicity. We performed a pilot study on healthy human volunteers to identify plasma metabolites of limonene and to assess the toxicity of supradietary quantities ofd-limonene. Seven subjects ingested 100 mg/kg limonene in a custard. Blood(More)
Advanced prostate cancer cells are typically hormone independent, resistant to apoptosis and do not respond to chemotherapeutic agents. The ability of methyl jasmonate (MJ) and cis-jasmone (CJ) to inhibit growth in hormone independent prostate cancer cell lines, PC-3 and DU-145, was evaluated. CJ and MJ inhibited cell growth, induced cell cycle arrest and(More)
Accepted 13 May 2013 Perillyl alcohol and d-limonene are naturally occurring plant compounds that exhibited anticarcinogenic activities in mammary tumor models. The effects of these monoterpenes at the initiation stage of aflatoxin B1-induced hepatocarcinogenesis were investigated. Male F344 rats were fed Control or treatment diets throughout the study and(More)
e15610 Background: The general policy endorsed by multiple professional societies and cooperative groups regarding patients on cancer clinical trials states that subjects should be informed of new adverse events or significant developments during study participation and re-consented to continue on study. However, no information is known as to the effect of(More)
2 Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Surgery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 3Witham Memorial Hospital, Lebanon, Indiana, USA 4Herz Jesu, Vienna, AUSTRIA 5Policlinico Tor Vergata, Rome, ITALY 6Metabolic Clinical and Research Center, Los Angeles, California, USA 'Sapienza Universita di Roma, Rome, ITALY 8Higienopolis Medical Center, Sao Paulo,(More)
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