Abinash Roy

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BACKGROUND PEP02 is a novel highly stable liposomal nanocarrier formulation of irinotecan. This randomized phase II study evaluated the efficacy and safety of single agent PEP02 compared with irinotecan or docetaxel in the second-line treatment of advanced oesophago-gastric (OG) cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with locally advanced/metastatic(More)
With the continuous increase of circuit density, interconnect length, and aspect ratio, the influence of capacitive and inductive coupling on timing characteristics of integrated circuits has become very critical. In this paper, the effects of capacitive and inductive coupling on delay uncertainty and clock skew have been analyzed. Analytical observations(More)
Continuous effort to achieve higher performance without driving up the power consumption and thermal effects has led the researchers to look for alternative architectures for microprocessors. Like the parallel processing which is extensively used in today's all microprocessors, multi-core architecture which combines several independent microprocessor cores(More)
BACKGROUND Docetaxel and irinotecan chemotherapy have shown good efficacy in the treatment of advanced oesophago-gastric cancer. This randomised phase II study evaluated the efficacy and toxicity profile of two non-platinum docetaxel-based doublet regimens in advanced oesophago-gastric cancer. METHODS Chemotherapy-naïve patients with advanced(More)
Recommended by Bernard Courtois In nanometer scale integrated circuits, concurrent insertion of repeaters and sequential elements into the global interconnect lines has been proposed to support multicycle communication—a concept known as interconnect pipelining. The design targets of an interconnect-pipelining scheme are to ensure high reliability,(More)
This paper addresses the problem of interconnect pipelining from both power consumption and bit error rate (BER) point of view and tries to find the optimal solution for a given wire pipelining scheme in nanometer scale very large scale integration technologies. In this paper a detailed analysis for the dependency of power consumption and BER on the number(More)