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BACKGROUND Pregnant women are susceptible to symptomatic malaria due to invasion of the placenta by plasmodium. Malaria increases the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes for mothers, the foetuses and newborns. The effective use of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) would be of benefit to these vulnerable women. Previous studies have focused on prenatal-women(More)
Antenatal care (ANC) services have the aim of monitoring the course of pregnancy, in order to promote favourable outcomes. In spite of the fact that its components have been found to improve pregnancy outcomes, maternal/infant morbidity and mortality still remain public health problems in most developing countries including Nigeria. These unacceptable(More)
of screening for Intimate Partner Violence, actual screening and satisfaction with care amongst female clients visiting a health Background: Healthcare providers have advocated for the screening and management of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against women and its consequences. Unfortunately, data from high income countries suggest that women may have(More)
This article describes the current state of cancer nursing and the various challenges that hinder the provision of effective nursing care to cancer patients in Nigeria. The major issue identified was the lack of specialized oncology nursing education which should actually form a basis for nurses to practice in the oncology setting. Other issues include poor(More)
PURPOSE Study explored knowledge and perception of student nurses on the use of NANDA-I nursing diagnoses in the community setting. METHODS Study adopted cross-sectional design. Convenient sampling method was used to select 290 nursing students. Data analysis was by descriptive and inferential statistics. RESULTS A majority (81.3%) of the participants(More)
  • A Oluwatosin
  • 2009
There is ample evidence in the literature that supports the notion that diet, lifestyle and behaviour influence the risk of developing cancer. It was opined that the most dramatic reduction in cancer incidence and mortality are likely to result from population shift in unhealthy behaviour such as smoking, intake of high fat and high calorie food, physical(More)
INTRODUCTION Immunization reminder/recall system is proven as one of the effective ways of improving immunization rates. Prior to the development and implementation of an immunization reminder/recall system intervention, we explored the experiences, preferences and perceptions towards childhood immunization reminder/recall among 614 mothers of infants in(More)
PURPOSE To measure the effect of an educational package on documentation of care among public health nurses (PHNs). METHOD A quasi-experimental design was adopted. Forty PHNs working in primary healthcare settings were selected. Education was given through a 5-day workshop. Documentation of care was assessed using a modified "Muller-Staub Q-DIO(More)
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