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In addition we appreciate comments from David Figlio and two anonymous reviewers. This research is being supported by funding from the City University of New York (through a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service under an AmeriCorps grant), the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the National Science Foundation (REC-0337061), the New(More)
Trust guidelines and policies outline recommendations for the management of common clinical and non-clinical situations, serving to standardise best practice. Prior to this project, there was no consolidated location for these documents. Lack of organisational structure and inadequate search functionality within the trust intranet led to time wasted(More)
This case report describes a forty-two-year-old man with no previous psychiatric history who developed delusional jealousy (Othello Syndrome) associated with ropinirole treatment. Ropinirole is a commonly used dopamine receptor agonist, which was being used to treat his Parkinson's disease, and his delusional symptoms resolved entirely with ropinirole dose(More)
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