Abigail Smith Williams

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If acute onset of esotropia is comitant, its cause is generally believed to be benign. Although this is, by and large, true, it is now clear that acute comitant esotropia may be associated infrequently with central nervous system illness. We describe six children who presented with acute onset of comitant esotropia, and who were found to have tumors of the(More)
The records of the Special Antenatal Clinics held by the Rhondda Urban District Council between 1934 and 1962 at the Carnegie Welfare Centre in Trealaw, South Wales, were studied. An analysis is presented of structured samples taken from the clinics of one month in each quinquennium from 1934 to 1962. The collected material is then grouped into a period(More)
My thesis argues that a shift has taken place in white supremacist rhetoric post September Buchanan, and identify the attacks of September 11 th as a catalytic event in the history of white supremacist rhetoric. Through careful rhetorical analysis, I identify the 9/11 shift as a shift in placement vis-à-vis the political mainstream. iv DEDICATION This(More)
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