Abigail Schindler

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Developmental and behavioral pediatricians (DBP) diagnose and care for children with fragile X syndrome. Their attitudes toward FMR1 newborn screening (NBS) and FMR1 carrier testing in childhood could highlight potential pitfalls with FMR1 NBS. We conducted a cross-sectional survey with an adjusted response rate of 61%. Among DBP, 74% supported universal(More)
There are two species of New World flying squirrels included in the genus Glaucomys: G. sabrinus, the northern flying squirrel, and G. volans, the southern flying squirrel. During a study of local rodents around Hanover, New Hampshire, several flying squirrels were caught and their chromosomes were analyzed. The occurrence, in this region, of both species(More)
Continuum flow theory (Poiseuille flow, Fick diffusion) is of dubious validity for small pores. For gases, kinetic theory permits an extension of continuum theory to Knudsen near-continuum slip-flow, by means of a change only in boundary conditions. The range of validity of near-continuum gas flow theory is for channel widths larger than a small number of(More)
Family support data have been collected for the past 21 years by the State of the States in Developmental Disabilities project. New data were recently collected from the states for fiscal years (FYs) 2005 and 2006 (Braddock, Hemp, & Rizzolo, 2008). This article summarizes trends in family support services and spending nationally and in the individual(More)