Abigail Roper

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Discriminant and canonical variate analyses were performed using 302 patients, on whom ratings of lifetime psychopathology and course of illness has been made. DSM-III diagnoses were used to form the criterion groups. Bipolar disorder emerged as a distinct grouping, but there are reasons for dissatisfaction with its definition. The remaining patients formed(More)
A schedule is described for rating the symptoms of mental illness over a period of time which includes several episodes. The reliability was measured in a study involving six raters. The sources of information required were studied, in 20 patients, by comparing an interview with the patient, a similar interview with an informant and an analysis of the case(More)
  • Martha Marti, A Roper, Clement W Stone
  • 2010
The natural law of inertia: matter will remain at rest or continue in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force. After three years of parallel research and application efforts aimed at enabling pre-Milestone A cost analysis, the time investment has produced dividends of progress and lessons learned for a team of Army(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There is currently little evidence on effective interventions for poststroke apraxia of speech. We report outcomes of a trial of self-administered computer therapy for apraxia of speech. METHODS Effects of speech intervention on naming and repetition of treated and untreated words were compared with those of a visuospatial sham(More)
We report an intervention study focused on the speech production difficulties present in acquired apraxia of speech (AOS). The intervention was a self-administered computer therapy that targeted whole word production and incorporated error reduction strategies. The effectiveness of the therapy was contrasted to that of a visuospatial sham computer program,(More)
OBJECT One of the limiting factors in gamma knife radiosurgery is the restriction to one treatment imposed by the fixed stereotactic frame. The ability, in selected cases, to remove the frame and replace it on a subsequent occasion in the same location would facilitate fractionated treatments and provide flexibility in the timing of treatment delivery. It(More)
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