Abigail M Derby

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The rat sciatic nerve does not possess a high potential for regeneration through silastic tubes when the interstump nerve gap is greater than 10 mm. In this study, the effect of NGF treatment on regeneration of the rat sciatic nerve in 10- and 15-mm silastic chambers was compared. In addition, regeneration in 15-mm silastic chambers was compared to(More)
BACKGROUND The ecological factors contributing to the evolution of tropical vertebrate communities are still poorly understood. Primate communities of the tropical Americas have fewer folivorous but more frugivorous genera than tropical regions of the Old World and especially many more frugivorous genera than Madagascar. Reasons for this phenomenon are(More)
Habituation of western gorillas to human presence is generally an expensive, lengthy and difficult process. Here we describe the habituation process for two groups of western gorillas at the Mondika Research Center, with the hope that the lessons we learned will facilitate future gorilla studies. We expand upon earlier studies by describing the process(More)
Previous reports suggest that exogenous nerve growth factor (NGF) enhanced nerve regeneration in rabbit facial nerves. Rabbit facial nerve regeneration in 10-mm Silastic tubes prefilled with NGF was compared to cytochrome C (Cyt. C), bridging an 8-mm nerve gap. Three weeks following implantation, NGF-treated regenerates exhibited a more mature fascicular(More)
OBJECTIVE The effect of incomplete antecedent injuries on subsequent facial nerve regeneration within cable graft repairs is not known. The purpose of this study is to compare facial nerve regeneration after an immediate and delayed neural cable graft repair. METHOD Rabbit facial nerve regeneration after complete transectional injuries of the buccal(More)
Previous reports suggest that nerve growth factor (NGF) enhanced nerve regeneration in rabbit facial nerves. We compared rabbit facial nerve regeneration in 10-mm silicone tubes prefilled with NGF or cytochrome C (Cyt C), bridging an 8-mm nerve gap, to regeneration of 8-mm autologous nerve grafts. Three weeks following implantation, NGF-treated regenerates(More)
A generalized model is developed to quantitatively describe the smoothing effects from different polishing tools used for optical surfaces. The smoothing effect naturally corrects mid-to-high spatial frequency errors that have features small compared to the size of the polishing lap. The original parametric smoothing model provided a convenient way to(More)
Peripheral neural regeneration, over a 10-mm transectional gap, was determined in 70 rabbit buccal divisions of the facial nerve using two entubational systems (semipermeable and impermeable silicone chambers) prefilled with three natural occurring media (serum, blood, and saline) during a 5-week period. The number of myelinated axonal regenerates at the(More)
The early stages of rabbit peripheral facial nerve regeneration [N = 16], over a 10-mm transectional gap, were analyzed at 1, 3, and 5 weeks of buccal nerve entubation in silicone chambers prefilled with saline. Normal nerve pooled data were obtained in nine nerves. Chronologic morphologic and morphometic light and electron microscopic computer-captured(More)
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