Abigail M Chiverton

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Despite clinical impressions that cognitive complaints are prominent in patients with a history of craniopharyngioma, formal neuropsychologic documentation is inconsistent. This study assessed everyday cognitive complaints and neuropsychologic test performance to evaluate the prevalence of problems and the relationship of these domains to one another in(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate long-term results and patient satisfaction using collagen injection therapy in elderly women. METHODS Periurethral injection of collagen using local anesthesia was performed on 58 women 65 years old or older (range 65 to 86, mean 73. 2) to treat stress urinary incontinence. All patients underwent urodynamic evaluation. Forty-nine(More)
There have been many published studies aiming to identify temporal changes in river flow time series, most of which use monotonic trend tests such as the Mann–Kendall test. Although robust to both the distribution of the data and incomplete records, these tests have important limitations and provide no information as to whether a change in variability(More)
Crystallographic studies play a major role in current efforts towards protein structure determination. However, despite recent advances in computational tools for molecular modeling and graphics, the task of constructing a model of the tertiary structure of a protein from experimental data remains complex and time-consuming, requiring extensive expert(More)
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