Abigail L. Stevenson

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Fission yeast Cid14, a component of the TRAMP (Cid14/Trf4-Air1-Mtr4 polyadenylation) complex, polyadenylates nuclear RNA and stimulates degradation by the exosome for RNA quality control. Here, we analyze patterns of global gene expression in cells lacking the Cid14 or the Dis3/Rpr44 subunit of the nuclear exosome. We found that transcripts from many genes(More)
Schizosaccharomyces pombe Rqh1 is a member of the RecQ DNA helicase family. Members of this protein family are mutated in cancer predisposition diseases, causing Bloom's, Werner, and Rothmund-Thomson syndromes. Rqh1 forms a complex with topoisomerase III and is proposed to process or disrupt aberrant recombination structures that arise during S phase to(More)
Multiple KH-domain proteins, collectively known as vigilins, are evolutionarily highly conserved proteins that are present in eukaryotic organisms from yeast to metazoa. Proposed roles for vigilins include chromosome segregation, messenger RNA (mRNA) metabolism, translation and tRNA transport. As a step toward understanding its biological function, we have(More)
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