Abida B Butler

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Syncope precipitated by sneezing in an adult male associated with an Arnold-Chiari type I malformation and basilar invagination presents a clinical problem in the differential diagnosis and pathological anatomy of Valsalva-related syncope. An abnormally acute clivoaxial angle, small foramen magnum, and type I Arnold-Chiari malformation appear to be a(More)
Inflation of the circumferential pneumatic counter-pressure trousers was associated with the development of hemiparesis in a multiple trauma patient. We attribute this complication to the marked movement of the spinal cord that results from inflation of the circumferential abdominal compartment of the trousers. The design of the circumferential pneumatic(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of abnormal spirometric findings on risk for incident heart failure among older adults without clinically apparent lung disease is not well elucidated. METHODS We evaluated the association of baseline lung function with incident heart failure, defined as first hospitalization for heart failure, in 2125 participants of the(More)
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