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Integrated optical devices comprised of multiple material systems are able to achieve unique performance characteristics, enabling applications in sensing and in telecommunications. Due to ease of fabrication, the majority of previous work has focused on polymer-dielectric or polymer-semiconductor systems. However, the environmental stability of polymers is(More)
By coating a single-mode-multimode-single-mode (SMS) structure with a high refractive index thin-film it is possible to obtain a transition of modes for specific combinations of thin-film thickness, thin-film refractive index and surrounding medium refractive index, which permits to develop devices with a high sensitivity to specific parameters. In order to(More)
This work presents a refractive index sensor based on a long period fiber grating (LPFG) made in a reduced cladding fiber whose low order cladding modes have the turning point at large wavelengths. The combination of these parameters results in an improved sensitivity of 8734 nm/refractive index unit (RIU) for the LP<sub>0,3</sub> mode in the 1400-1650(More)
In this work, two novel stable multi-wavelength fiber laser configurations are proposed and demonstrated by using a spool of a single-mode fiber as an optical loop mirror and one or two fiber ring cavities, respectively. The lasers are comprised of fiber Bragg grating reflectors as the oscillation wavelength selecting filters. The influence of the length of(More)
Thin-film coated single-mode-multimode-single-mode (SMS) structures have been analyzed both theoretically and experimentally with the aim of detecting different refractive indices. By adequate selection of the thickness of the thin film and of the diameter of the multimode segment in the SMS structure, a seven-fold improvement can be obtained in the(More)
Nanometer scale coatings with a complex refractive index deposited on optical fibre permit to obtain attenuation bands in the transmission spectrum, whose central wavelength coincides with the moment when a mode guided in the optical fibre cladding starts to be guided in the coating. Due to the complex refractive index of the coating, the guided mode is a(More)
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