Abhoy Chand Mondal

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Most organizations use performance appraisal system to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their employees. In evaluating staff performance, performance appraisal usually involves awarding numerical values or linguistic labels to employees performance. These values and labels are used to represent each staff achievement by reasoning incorporated in(More)
Performance of a teacher is vital both for students and institution and must be measured and evaluated for positive reinforcement to teaching. This paper presents a mathematical model to evaluate faculty's teaching performance using fuzzy logic In this proposed evaluation the degree of satisfaction is defined in advance by experts with respect to levels of(More)
-Reviewer gender classification is an important function of Sentiment Analysis system. Both supervised and unsupervised approach may be applied for gender classification. In this paper we used supervised machine learning approach. We use three different classifiers, namely Naïve Bayes Classifier, Maximum Entropy Classifier and Decision Tree Classifier(More)
1 Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Application, Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, India 2 Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, India 3 Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science& Engineering Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, India 4 Associate Professor, Department of(More)
The aim of this paper is to verify the algorithm, “Search the Set of Shorter Paths” [23] which clip the graph into levels (Levelled Graph) and find the set of shorter paths from source to destination. When the algorithm operates on heuristically amalgamated graphs of three types is executing properly. The graph or network consists of the amalgamation of(More)
The essence of this paper is to formulate the delay factor in transmitting a data unit from source to destination with multiple opinion regarding shorter, shortest path and the traffic using Geographic Information System. The feasible paths are diagnose with shortest path Algorithm and verified using genetic Algorithm. The proposed shortest path algorithm(More)
In this fast entertainment era Twenty-20 cricket becomes one of the most popular entertaining sports in all aged persons. Multi-criteria analysis plays a vital role to measure the performance of cricketers and Decision tree technique helps us to classify in very efficient manner. This paper makes use of Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal(More)
K-means (MacQueen, 1967) [1] is one of the simplest unsupervised learning algorithms that solve the well-known clustering problem. The procedure follows a simple and easy way to classify a given data set to a predefined, say K number of clusters. Determination of K is a difficult job and it is not known that which value of K can partition the objects as per(More)
Although the speed advantage of using signed – digit number systems seemed to have been reduced significantly by reverse conversion owing to the carry – propagation, in this paper, it was shown that if typical reverse conversion algorithms were employed for signed – digit number systems, then no further carry propagation needed to transform the output from(More)
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