Abhishek V. Shetty

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BACKGROUND Oral health is an integral and important component of general health. Infectious diseases such as caries, periodontal, and gingivitis indicate the onset of imbalance in homeostasis between oral micro biota and host. The present day medicaments used in oral health care have numerous side effects. The uses of herbal plants as an alternative have(More)
The optimal surgical management for failed conservative measures in epistaxis remains unclear. Given the growing enthusiasm for endoscopic transnasal sphenopalatine artery ligation, it is prudent and timely to evaluate the evidence base for this technique. This study aims to analyse the current evidence for transnasal endoscopic sphenopalatine artery(More)
This paper reports five patients with the congenital cardiac anomaly of double outlet right ventricle and pulmonary stenosis, reviews the previously reported cases, and discusses the diagnostic features of the abnormality, especially with regard to the differential diagnosis from the tetralogy of Fallot. The term double outlet right ventricle denotes that(More)
BACKGROUND Various treatment modalities including non-invasive methods such as chemical peels, topical retinoids, microdermabrasion, minimally invasive techniques such as microneedling, fractional lasers, microneedling radiofrequency devices and invasive procedures such as acne scar surgeries and ablative lasers are used for acne scars, each with its own(More)
A prospective randomised trial compared the results of conventional lumbar discectomy performed as day cases with those performed on an in-patient basis. The aim of the study was to investigate whether conventional discectomy can be performed safely on a day-case basis. Thirty-one patients were included in the study; 18 were randomised to day-case treatment(More)
The study was carried out to detect the adhesive genes pap (pyelonephritis associated pili), sfa (S fimbrial adhesin) and afa (afimbrial adhesin) from Escherichia coli strains isolated in patients diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI). A total of 23% of the isolates were positive for pap, sfa and afa genes with a prevalence of 60.87% (14/23), 39.1%(More)
Recommender systems apply knowledge discovery techniques to the problem of making personalized recommendations for information, products or services during a live interaction. In this paper we analyze three different recommendation generation algorithms. We look into three different techniques for computing similarities for obtaining recommendations from(More)
Carpometacarpal (CMC) joint dislocations are uncommon injuries that account for less than 1% of hand injuries. Dorsal dislocations of the CMC joints are more frequent than volar dislocations. Palmar dislocations can be either ulnopalmar or radiopalmar. There are very few reports of isolated radiopalmar dislocations of the fifth CMC joint in the(More)