Abhishek Kumar Singh

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The present paper examines the association between the type of household and maternal health in India using data from the National Family Health Survey 1998-99. The indicators of maternal health used in the analysis are contraceptive use, visit to obtain antenatal care in the first trimester, safe delivery and nutritional status of women measured in terms(More)
The phase response of Miconazole-PVP VA64 solid dispersions upon compression was investigated. This would allow understanding the phase behavior of these solid dispersions upon application of a different kind of stress (other than humidity and temperature) and ultimately lead to mechanistic perception of the phase changes taking place. Miconazole and PVP(More)
An environment is characterized by spatial locality of queries and information when it is likely that users in close geographic proximity query for similar data. Information exhibits spatial locality when it is coupled to a real-world place. For example, play reviews are most relevant in a theater; and users in a Dental school may be particularly interested(More)
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) plays a significant role in chemical processes. The continued progress and growth of industry has increased the need for chemical and control integration with artificial intelligence. This paper presents the optimal design of PID & FOPID controller based on soft techniques i.e. Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm(More)
In this paper, we begin with the analysis of the signal delay through an ideal RLCG transmission line model, without the driver and the load impedance. This yield's to the transform voltage and current equations governing the system response by incorporating appropriate boundary conditions for interconnect delay analysis. Two port parameters in terms of(More)
Recent years have seen significant research in finding closed form expressions for the delay of the RLC interconnect which improves upon the Elmore delay model. However, several of these formulae assume a step excitation. But in practice, the input waveform does have a non zero time of flight. There are few works reported so far which do consider the ramp(More)
of Thesis Presented to the Graduate School of the University of Florida in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science COST FUNCTIONS FOR SUPERVISED LEARNING BASED ON A ROBUST SIMILARITY METRIC By Abhishek Singh May 2010 Chair: José C. Prı́ncipe Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering This thesis proposes cost functions(More)
Until now context free grammars (CFG) have been used mainly for the design of programming languages. There have been several studies, which demonstrate the relationship between learning theory and number theory. This paper presents protocols, which use context free languages for an authentication protocol using one-time authentication information. This(More)