Abhishek Kumar Dubey

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—In this paper, we develop an analytical framework which explains the emergence of superpeer networks on execution of the commercial peer-to-peer bootstrapping protocols by incoming nodes. Bootstrapping protocols exploit physical properties of the online peers like resource content, processing power, storage space, connectivity etc as well as take the(More)
Due to the dynamic changes of business environments and the advancements of technologies, information technology (IT) projects are facing lots of challenges, and there is requirement of systematic approaches to deal with the risks to ensure the project's success. As, no IT Project can ever be risk free. Here we are proposing a framework of automated risk(More)
Purpose: The inverse of a deformation vector field (DVF) is often needed in deformable registration, 4D image reconstruction, and adaptive radiation therapy. This study aims at improving both accuracy with respect to inverse consistency and efficiency for numerical DVF inversion, by the development of a fixed-point iteration method with feedback control.(More)
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