Abhishek Kothari

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With the advent of Internet of Things, the field of domain sensing is increasingly being servitized. In order to effectively support this servitization, there is a growing need for a powerful and easy-to-use infrastructure that enables seamless sharing of sensor data in real-time. In this paper, we present the design and evaluation of Data Quality-Aware(More)
An important component of current research in big data is graph analytics on very large graphs. Of the many problems of interest in this domain, graph pattern matching is both challenging and practically important. The problem is, given a relatively small query graph, finding matching patterns in a large data graph. Algorithms to address this problem are(More)
Diamond coatings with superior chemical stability, antiwear, and cytocompatibility properties have been considered for lengthening the lifetime of metallic orthopedic implants for over a decade. In this study, an attempt to tailor the surface properties of diamond films on titanium to promote osteoblast (bone forming cell) adhesion was reported. The surface(More)
This supplement to the paper provides all figures and substantial code listings which would not fit into the paper due to page limitations. Roadmap: The supplement is organized in the same manner as the main paper i.e. the section names in the main paper corresponds to the same section in the supplement for the easy reference. Note: In many cases, text from(More)
Nature Chemistry 7, 171–177 (2015); published online 12 January 2015; corrected after print 25 January 2016. In the version of this Article originally published, the absolute stereochemistry of compounds in Fig.2 and Table 3 was reversed. Additionally, the absolute stereochemistry was reversed in the Markush product structure shown in the reaction scheme at(More)
359 Catalytic enantioselective synthesis of indanes by a cation-directed 5-endo-trig cyclization Craig P. Johnston, Abhishek Kothari, Tetiana Sergeieva, Sergiy I. Okovytyy, Kelvin E. Jackson, Robert S. Paton and Martin D. Smith Nature Chemistry 7, 171–177 (2015); published online 12 January 2015; corrected after print 19 February 2015. In the version of(More)
5-Endo-trig cyclizations are generally considered to be kinetically unfavourable, as described by Baldwin's rules. Consequently, observation of this mode of reaction under kinetic control is rare. This is usually ascribed to challenges in achieving appropriate approach trajectories for orbital overlap in the transition state. Here, we describe a highly(More)
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