Abhishek Jaju

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Robots deployed in hostile environments, such as nuclear, chemical and bio-hazard areas, are usually teleoperated in a master-slave mode from a safe distance. Typically, the workspace of the manipulator (slave) is seen through one or more views of monoscopic cameras. Instead, we use here two camera feeds from the slave environment to create a stereo (3D)(More)
The application of this project is to track a number of people even in crowded natural environments. A system of this sort would be useful in a number of applications, such as human-computer interaction, surveillance, and mobile robots that work among people. The robustness of the system will be able to operate even with partial occlusions of the subjects,(More)
Bilateral master-slave tele-manipulation from a remote control console is an interactive operation whose success, to a large extent, depends on the operator's agility and experience. The operator requires two-way communication - velocity commands to the robot to move it and the force-feedback signal to the operator to detect collision. The operator's(More)
Online measurement of lengths of cylindrical nuclear fuel pellets arranged in stacks in a tray is an important prerequisite for autonomous robotic handling of pellets for the purpose of forming stacks of fixed length. This paper describes a unique measurement system that is based on dual line scan camera system calibrated with customized grids. Here,(More)
Nuclear fuel pellets are stacked to a fixed length before they are inserted into a tube to make a fuel pin. We describe here the development of a vision guided robotic system that rearranges the pellets in a tray such that each row in the tray attains desired stack length. The proposed system uses line scan cameras that can measure lengths of individual(More)
In this work, we manipulate an industrial robot from a remote place through a Local Area Network using a force feedback enabled Phantom haptic device as a master, and a stereo vision system for viewing as well as for depth estimation. We propose and implement a stereo vision guided telerobotics system for autonomous pick and place operations. The robot gets(More)
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