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A growing research community is working towards employing drama management components in interactive story-based games. These components gently guide the story towards a narrative arc that improves the player's experience. In this paper we present our Drama Management architecture for real-time interactive story games that has been connected to a real(More)
Green communication is the latest research trend practiced by researcher in green computing and network communication. There is no extensive work in green network design and no work in thermal aware network equipment design. In order to fill this research gap, we are going to design thermal aware energy efficient Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter(More)
In this paper, we observed the vast effect of internet on our lives. Internet has acquired a space in our everyday work and we are in a way dependent on it. This paper inspired by Internet of Things concept and presents a way through which electronic circuits and other devices can have a small key integrated with them. The key will be a sort of address for(More)
The Magnet and Survey database of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Ring is designed for production-magnet quality assurance, field and alignment error impact analysis , multi-element assembly assistance, and ring installation assistance. The database consists of tables designed to store magnet field property and field quality measurement data, alignment(More)
Software development life cycle consists of many phases for the software development, testing is one of the final phases before the delivery of software product. Quality and cost of the software product mainly depends upon software testing phase. Therefore, premium methods should be follows for the software testing. Appointing additional test engineers are(More)
Low Voltage Digitally Controlled Impedance (LVDCI) is an I/O standard available on FPGA. This design is LVDCI IO standard based Energy Efficient Vedic Multiplier Design on FPGA. Selection of IO standard play an important role in power dissipation of design. Therefore, we are going to select the most energy efficient IO standards in LVDCI family for Vedic(More)
We have developed a mobility prediction algorithm that reflects in a customized AODV designed for k-hop dominating set file sharing scenario. Mobility of a node is detected based on the received signal strength (RSS) measurements. This measurement serve as a basis for a client to associate with nearest dominating node (file server) to always have access to(More)
Smart phones possessions used to be considered as a luxury. Over the period of time, it became a necessity rather than luxury. Smart phones are essential for everyone including the elderly population. The device can act as a long-range communicator, multimedia device, infotainment device, etc. However, the current problems with the existing smart phones are(More)
– In most of the engineering applications, such as mining, metallurgy, agriculture; equipments are failed by the abrasive wear. The data as obtained form ministry of Research and Technology indicates that the percentage cost of abrasive wear in federal republic of German in metallurgy industry is 40%, mining industry 30%, agriculture 20% and production(More)
In today's world the demand of energy is increasing day by day. To meet the demand of increasing energy new source of energy are being searched. Solar energy is being in trend these days. Solar cell are being installed in every part of the world to meet the requirement of the increasing energy. But a solar cell is an expensive medium for energy production.(More)