Abhishek Jain

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A growing research community is working towards employing drama management components in interactive story-based games. These components gently guide the story towards a narrative arc that improves the player's experience. In this paper we present our Drama Management architecture for real-time interactive story games that has been connected to a real(More)
In the dynamic globalized world economy, manufacturing organizations are faced with stiff cut-throat competition. The global competition characterized by the rapid technological innovations and ever-changing market demands is putting enormous pressure on manufacturing organizations across the globe. In the dynamic and highly challenging environment,(More)
Preface The Manuscript chapter " Epistemic uncertainty in evaluating the probability of seismically induced soil liquefaction " included in this thesis was written by me. The expertise and guidance of coauthor enhanced the quality and sharpness of this paper. All tables and figures used in this paper were made by me. In addition, the statistical modeling to(More)
Recent evolving trends in the United States legal system regarding how policies and laws are applied to pregnant women include concerns over the use of restraints or shackles in pregnant inmates and forced treatment or commitment of pregnant women for substance abuse. These topics raise many questions, such as: how violent are women, particularly pregnant(More)
Smart phones possessions used to be considered as a luxury. Over the period of time, it became a necessity rather than luxury. Smart phones are essential for everyone including the elderly population. The device can act as a long-range communicator, multimedia device, infotainment device, etc. However, the current problems with the existing smart phones are(More)
This report presents the results from an experimental program aimed at evaluating the use of the crushed concrete (CC) and recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) for use in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls. Various properties of RAP and CC (strength, hydraulic conductivity, pull out resistance, creep potential, corrosivity) were investigated. CC was(More)
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