Abhishek Jain

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Video matting is defined as the process of changing the background of the video by extracting the foreground image from each frame of a video. In this paper, we propose a video matting technique which uses Ncut segmentation technique to segment the frames. Further, Sobel edge detection technique is used on the segmented frames for detecting edges.(More)
A novel On-chip delay measure presented which is suitable for wide applicatio chip measurements, monitoring and process co circuit is based upon multiple characterization u ring oscillator, latches and counter. The delay oscillator defines the measurement reso characterization unit. Each characterization u delay cell with delay varying by few Pico-s(More)
In this paper, we present Generic System Verilog Universal Verification Methodology based Reusable Verification Environment for efficient verification of Image Signal Processing IP’s/SoC’s. With the tight schedules on all projects it is important to have a strong verification methodology which contributes to First Silicon Success. Deploy methodologies which(More)
In this paper we present the development of Acceleratable UVCs from standard UVCs in System Verilog and their usage in UVM based Verification Environment of Image Signal Processing designs to increase run time performance. This paper covers development of Acceleratable UVCs from standard UVCs for internal control and data buses of ST imaging group by(More)
The standard UVM register package contains built-in test sequences library which is used to perform most of the basic register and memory tests. These sequences are very useful at IP level verification but at SoC level verification where number of registers are very large, these sequences take very long time to run. Similarly, currently users require strong(More)
With semiconductor industry trend of “smaller the better”, from an idea to a final product, more innovation on product portfolio and yet remaining competitive and profitable are few criteria which are culminating into pressure and need for more and more innovation for CAD flow, process management and project execution cycle. Project schedules are very tight(More)
In digital images, there are some regions that correspond to flat area and some others correspond to texture area. Different image processing need to be performed depending upon the type of region. This paper presents threshold modulation of Gaussian filter for flat and texture area filtering of an image. Standard deviation is used to differentiate between(More)