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Automatic analysis of heart sounds aid physicians in the diagnosis of abnormal heart valve conditions. Segmentation, i.e. identification of first (S1) and second (S2) heart sounds, is the first step in the automatic analysis. In this work, we have proposed a segmentation method which uses energy-based and simplicity-based features computed from multi-level(More)
Video matting is defined as the process of changing the background of the video by extracting the foreground image from each frame of a video. In this paper, we propose a video matting technique which uses Ncut segmentation technique to segment the frames. Further, Sobel edge detection technique is used on the segmented frames for detecting edges.(More)
Listening and interpreting lung sounds by a stethoscope had been an important component of screening and diagnosing lung diseases. However this practice has always been vulnerable to poor audibility, inter-observer variations (between different physicians) and poor reproducibility. Thus computerized analysis of lung sounds for objective diagnosis of lung(More)
— Active Queue Management (AQM) policies are mechanisms for congestion avoidance, which pro-actively drop packets in order to provide an early congestion notification to the sources. In this paper we propose a new Adaptive Prediction based Approach for Congestion Estimation in Active Queue Management (APACE) that predicts the instantaneous queue length at a(More)