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In this paper, we proposed two different path-length algorithms and routing-tag algorithm for fault-tolerant hybrid irregular multi-stage interconnection networks (MINs) called as Hybrid Zeta Networks-2 (HZTN) [1,2,3]. In HZTN, 50% of requests are accepted at minimum path-length of 2 in contrast with the regular Augmented Shuffle-Exchange Network (ASEN)(More)
Routing is a critical issue in the Delay Tolerant Network as finding the most optimized path, with minimum loss of data and in the shortest span of time is a challenge. Various researchers have proposed different strategies for detection of the effective and efficient path.In this paper we apply a meta-heuristic method of ant colony optimization (ACO) to(More)
Background Civilizations change over the time, and so does its ideologies. Over a period, new beliefs are introduced in the society, which at times sharply contradict the previous convictions. In a society, diverse opinions exist in the competitive state with an original opinion at a prospect of being replaced by new one. Fashion fad, cultural trends,(More)
Agent-Based Modelling framework successfully models real life problems that support simulation with diverse strategies and mechanisms devoid of the restrictions set by mathematical tractability. Union of game theory and agent based modelling has elucidated the dynamics of different social and economic scenarios. In this study, we present our efforts to(More)
Distributed constraint satisfaction problems (DisCSPs) are among the widely endeavored problems using agent-based simulation. Fernandez et al. formulated sensor and mobile tracking problem as a DisCSP, known as SensorDCSP In this paper, we adopt a customized ERE (environment, reactive rules and entities) algorithm for the SensorDCSP, which is otherwise(More)
In the area of design automation, variability emulation is a powerful idea that can help bridge the gap between a conservative design and the opportunistic characteristics in a software. A variability emulator can be used to explicitly control hardware variability to study development of variation-aware software such as in Underdesigned and Opportunistic(More)
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