Abhishek Bandyopadhyay

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Little is known about the large ectodomain of MET, the product of the c-met protooncogene and receptor for hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor (HGF/SF). Here, we establish by deletion mutagenesis that the HGF/SF and heparin-binding sites of MET are contained within a large N-terminal domain spanning the alpha-chain (amino acids 25-307) and the first 212(More)
In neuromorphic modeling of the retina, it would be very nice to have processing capabilities at the focal plane while retaining the density of typical active pixel sensor (APS) imager designs. Unfortunately, these two goals have been mostly incompatible. We introduce our transform imager technology and basic architecture that uses analog floating-gate(More)
Traffic grooming in WDM optical networks is a scheme for aggregating several low-speed traffic streams from users onto a high-speed lightpath. In such networks, an optical fiber carries a large number of lightpaths and each individual lightpath carries the traffic of a large number of connection requests. So the failure of a single fiber-link, even for a(More)
Grid is an advanced wide area parallel distributed computing environment where unused processor cycles and underutilized storage of numerous computers are utilized efficiently which act as a supercomputer. Security is the most important concern in Grid computing environment. Among all other security issues authentication is the first step of security(More)
— Grid computing is a type of advanced computing system whereby resources are shared from different domains. Organizations will only adopt this technology if they are assured of their data privacy, consistency & integrity. In such a scenario, reliability plays a critical role. Reliability in Grids can be enhanced by both way model. The user is satisfied(More)