Abhishek Agarwala

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The ability to invert large matrices quickly and accurately determines the effectiveness of a computational tool. Current literature suggests that time complexity of matrix inversion is 2 or higher. This paper redesigns the Gauss Jordan algorithm for matrix inversion on a CUDA platform to exploit the large scale parallelization feature of a massively(More)
We discuss the computational bottlenecks in molecular dynamics (MD) and describe the challenges in parallelizing the computation-intensive tasks.We present a hybrid algorithmusingMPI (Message Passing Interface) with OpenMP threads for parallelizing a generalizedMD computation scheme for systemswith short range interatomic interactions. The algorithm is(More)
Fecal management systems are widely used to prevent complications of fecal incontinence such as skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. However they are occasionally associated with complications such as bleeding and pressure necrosis of rectal mucosa. We present a patient with Clostridium difficile colitis with a prolonged hospital stay requiring the use of(More)
A parallel algorithm for finding the inverse of the matrix using Gauss Jordan method in OpenMP. The Gauss Jordan method has been chosen for this project because it provides a direct method for obtaining inverse matrix and requires approx. 50% fewer operations unlike other methods. Hence forth it is suitable for massive parallelization. Then, authors have(More)
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