Abhinav Srivastava

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Due to a rapid advancement in the electronic commerce technology, the use of credit cards has dramatically increased. As credit card becomes the most popular mode of payment for both online as well as regular purchase, cases of fraud associated with it are also rising. In this paper, we model the sequence of operations in credit card transaction processing(More)
Kernel-mode rootkits hide objects such as processes and threads using a technique known as Direct Kernel Object Manipulation (DKOM). Many forensic analysis tools attempt to detect these hidden objects by scanning kernel memory with handmade signatures; however, such signatures are brittle and rely on non-essential features of these data structures, making(More)
Modern cloud computing infrastructures use virtual machine monitors (VMMs) that often include a large and complex administrative domain with privileges to inspect client VM state. Attacks against or misuse of the administrative domain can compromise client security and privacy. Moreover, these VMMs provide clients inflexible control over their own VMs, as a(More)
Application-level firewalls block traffic based on the process that is sending or receiving the network flow. They help detect bots, worms, and backdoors that send or receive malicious packets without the knowledge of users. Recent attacks show that these firewalls can be disabled by knowledgeable attackers. To counter this threat, we develop VMwall, a(More)
Data mining is widely used to identify interesting, potentially useful and understandable patterns from a large data repository. With many organizations focusing on webbased on-line transactions, the threat of security violations has also increased. Since a database stores valuable information of an application, its security has started getting attention.(More)
Data mining is the non-trivial process of identifying novel, potentially useful and understandable patterns in data. With most of the organizations starting on-line operations, the threat of security breaches is increasing. Since a database stores a lot of valuable information, its security has become paramount. One mechanism to safeguard the information in(More)
The usefulness ofemail has been tempered by its role in the widespread distribution ofspam and malicious content. Security solutions have .focused on filtering out malicious payloads and weblinksfrom email; the potential dangers of email go past these boundaries: harmless-looking emails can carry dangerous, hidden botnet content. In this paper, we evaluate(More)
Phthalic acid esters (PAEs) are well-known ubiquitous environmental pollutants and used as plasticizers for the manufacturing of plastic products. During this exploratory study, an attempt has been made to determine the concentration and distribution of five prominent PAEs, viz. di-methyl phthalate (DMP), di-ethyl phthalate (DEP), di-butyl phthalate (DBP),(More)