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INTRODUCTION Stress fractures occur due to repetitive cumulative micro trauma on the bone over a period of time. Stress fractures in military cadets is a rising cause of concern. It increases morbidity, long periods of absence from training and economic losses. AIM The purpose of this prospective study was to determine the incidence and distribution of(More)
INTRODUCTION Shoulder pain can cause significant pain, discomfort and reduce the ability to perform activities of daily living, thus making it the third most common cause of musculoskeletal consultation. The current gold standard diagnostic investigation is arthroscopy. MRI is a proved sensitive and accurate non-invasive tool in investigating shoulder(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteochondroma (OC) is the most common benign tumor of the skeleton. However, patellar OC is very rare. Only five case reports have been published yet and only 1 after the year 1972. OCs grow during childhood through adolescence, but usually growing ends when the epiphyseal plates close. In an adult, the growth of an OC suggests the diagnosis(More)
Perilunate dislocations are rare injuries comprising of less than 10% of all wrist injuries. These usually occur after high-energy trauma to the wrist. One-fourth (25%) of perilunate dislocations are missed at the initial presentation. We report a case of perilunate dislocation in a patient who presented late, about two months after trauma. He underwent(More)
INTRODUCTION The injury pattern of open fracture dislocation of elbow with fracture both bones forearm with radial nerve injury is very rare. Very few reports are there in literature related to this kind of injury. However this combination is first of its kind. This rare injury needs special attention by early intervention and biological fixation to achieve(More)
INTRODUCTION Shoulder dislocations are a very common entity in routine orthopaedic practice. Chronic unreduced anterior dislocations of the shoulder are not very common. Neurological and vascular complications may occur as a result of an acute anterior dislocation of the shoulder or after a while in chronic unreduced shoulder dislocation. Open reduction is(More)
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