Abhinav Roongta

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— Reliability-based hybrid ARQ (RB-HARQ) is a recently introduced approach to incremental-redundancy ARQ. The RB-HARQ technique can be used with codes that use soft-input, soft-output (SISO) de-coders, such as convolutional codes and turbo codes. In RB-HARQ, the bits that are to be retransmitted are adaptively selected at the receiver based on the estimated(More)
—We consider the use of selective-retransmission automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocols to improve communication performance on partial-time jamming channels. The schemes that we propose are based on reliability-based hybrid ARQ (RB-HARQ), in which the set of bits to be retransmitted is adap-tively selected based on the estimated a posteriori(More)
To my parents and my sister ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First I would like to thank and express my sincere gratitude to my advisor, Dr. John M. Shea. This work would not have been possible without his expertise, hard work and patience. He guided me at each and every stage of my Ph.D. program and was always easily accessible. He read and revised all our conference(More)
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