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Most device simulation packages performing quantum transport modeling in thin body Multigate silicon nanowire devices at nanometer scales neglect the electron-phonon interaction, assuming devices operate in the ballistic regime. Here we perform a detailed study on dissipative quantum transport in multigate silicon nanowire transistor including acoustic and(More)
In this paper, we present an innovative approach to suppress the Single Transistor Latch (STL), a critical limiting phenomenon, in steep switching n-type Silicon (Si) and Germanium (Ge) Double Gate (DG) Junctionless (JL) transistors. The single transistor latch effect, which can limit the operation of the device, can be effectively controlled by sidewall(More)
In this paper we study the effect of emission and absorption processes due to inelastic optical phonons in multigate silicon nanowire transistors. We show that low-energy optical phonons reduce drain current through both phonon emission/absorption processes while high-energy phonons redistribute current spectrum inside the nanowire merely by phonon emission(More)
The paper investigates the impact of doping concentration on the performance of Ultra Low Power (ULP) Junctionless Double Gate MOSFETs. Results show that intrinsic delay is reduced by 69% and on-off current ratio is increased by 2.5 times when junctionless transistors are designed with a doping concentration of 5&#x00D7;10<sup>18</sup> cm<sup>-3</sup> as(More)
In the present work, we demonstrate the potential of double gate junctionless (JL) architecture for enhanced sensitivity for detecting biomolecules in cavity modulated field effect transistors (FETs). The higher values of body factor, achieved in asymmetric gate operation under impact ionization is utilized for enhanced sensing margin which is nearly five(More)
In this work, a new methodology to extract bulk (&#xb5;bulk) and accumulation (&#xb5;acc) mobility in symmetric Double Gate (DG) Junctionless transistor is presented. The method is based on the modification of McLarty function to distinguish and extract mobility values and consistent with the current flow mechanisms in JL MOSFET. Results indicate higher(More)
In this work, we examine the feasibility of triggering impact ionisation at sub-bandgap voltages through optimal utilisation of structural non-ideality induced electric field redistribution in the semiconductor film for an energy efficient steep switching junctionless (JL) transistor. While misalignment between front and back gates is often considered as a(More)