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Reversible logic finds many applications, especially in the area of quantum computing. A completely specified n-input, n-output Boolean function is called reversible if it maps each input assignment to a unique output assignment and vice versa. Logic synthesis for reversible functions differs substantially from traditional logic synthesis and is currently(More)
BACKGROUND Anastomotic leak, a potentially deadly postoperative occurrence, particularly interests surgeons performing gastrointestinal procedures. We investigated incidence, cost, and impact on survival of anastomotic leak in gastrointestinal surgical procedures at an academic center. STUDY DESIGN We conducted a chart review of American College of(More)
The metabotropic glutamate (mGluRs) receptors are a distinct class of G-protein-coupled receptors that act through activation of phospholipase C and/or inhibition of adenylate cyclase. They encompass seven-transmembrane domain proteins, comprehensively expressed in neuronal and glial cells within the brain, spinal cord and periphery and are involved in(More)
A function is reversible if each input vector produces a unique output vector. Reversible functions find applications in low power design, quantum computing, and nanotechnology. Logic synthesis for reversible circuits differs substantially from traditional logic synthesis. In this paper, we present the .rst practical synthesis algorithm and tool for(More)
Splenectomy predisposes patients to a slew of infectious and non-infectious complications including pulmonary vascular disease. Patients are at increased risk for venous thromboembolic events due to various mechanisms that may lead to chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH). The development of CTEPH and pulmonary vasculopathy after splenectomy(More)
The present study is aimed at improving the solubility of a poorly water-soluble drug, norfloxacin by incorporating solubilizing additives such as ascorbic acid and citric acid into the beta-cyclodextrin complexes. Norfloxacin, being amphoteric in nature, exhibits a higher solubility at pH below 4 and above 8. Addition of substances like ascorbic acid and(More)
A case of 19-year-old male patient reported with the chief complaint of slowly growing diffuse painless swelling over the right part of the face from last 6 months. Intraoral examination revealed a swelling on right side of palate in relation to molar region with buccal cortical plate expansion. Radiographic examination (orthopantograph and 3DCT) showed(More)
OBJECTIVE In an attempt to find a better treatment for bacterial infections and burn wounds, various semisolid formulations containing 5% w/w of norfloxacin were prepared and evaluated for physicochemical parameters, in vitro drug release through cellophane membrane, antimicrobial activity, and burn wound healing properties. The prepared formulations were(More)