Abhinandan Sharma

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Based on their almost unlimited self-renewal capacity and their ability to differentiate into derivatives of all three germ layers, human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) might serve as a preferable source for hepatic transplants in metabolic liver disorders or acute liver failure. Furthermore, the generation of patient specific hiPSCs might(More)
The process of obtaining intravenous (IV) access, Venipuncture, is an everyday invasive procedure in medical settings and there are more than one billion venipuncture related procedures like blood draws, peripheral catheter insertions, intravenous therapies, etc. performed per year [3]. Excessive venipunctures are both time and resource consuming events(More)
Electrospinning is a simple unit operation process by which polymeric nanofibers with diameters ranging from a few nanometers to hundreds of micrometers can be fabricated using an electrostatically operated jet of polymer solution or polymer melt. Nanofibers because of their interesting features, such as surface-to-volume ratio, high surface area,(More)
An efficient chemoselective general procedure for the synthesis of γ-substituted β,γ-unsaturated α-ketomethylthioesters from α,β-unsaturated ketones has been achieved through an unprecedented PPh3 ⋅HBr-DMSO mediated oxidative bromination and Kornblum oxidation sequence. The newly developed reagent system serves admirably for the synthesis of α-bromoenals(More)
This report describes a gold(III)-catalyzed efficient general route to densely substituted chiral 3-formyl furans under extremely mild conditions from suitably protected 5-(1-alkynyl)-2,3-dihydropyran-4-one using H2 O as a nucleophile. The reaction proceeds through the initial formation of an activated alkyne-gold(III) complex intermediate, followed by(More)
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