Abhinandan Bhadauria

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Siemens has wide ranging experience in global development. Corporate development centers located in different geographical areas define their own processes to deal with the challenges in their respective location. It is to be understood that there is no "true globalization" in any business. From previous studies of managing offshore centers for product(More)
Distributed software development is a globally accepted practice by large organizations for achieving significant cost savings in research and development. However when it comes to product quality, defect prevention and early detection has always been a challenge. Factors such as differences in language, coding standards and documentation styles across(More)
Globally-distributed projects are rapidly becoming the norm for large software systems. Generally larger software projects can be managed globally because of their big budgets. But small projects which have very low budget (it could be as low as $30) it's not possible to manage them globally like large projects. As managing large projects globally saves lot(More)
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