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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Tuberculosis is (TB) responsible for high morbidity and mortality worldwide. Cytokines play a major role in defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Polymorphisms in the genes encoding the various pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines have been associated with tuberculosis susceptibility. In this study we examined(More)
BACKGROUND Tubercular lymphadenitis (TL) is the most common form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) consisting about 15-20% of all TB cases. The currently available diagnostic modalities for (TL), are invasive and involve a high index of suspicion, having limited accuracy. We hypothesized that TL would have a distinct cytokine signature that would(More)
A common assumption in many machine learning techniques is that the data points are independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.). However, often data can be divided into subgroups of data points that are related in some way, and this violates the assumption that they are identically distributed. Such subgroups are commonly referred to as domains or(More)
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