Abhiman Hande

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A unique method has been developed to scavenge energy from monocrystaline solar cells to power wireless router nodes used in indoor applications. The system’s energy harvesting module consists of solar cells connected in series-parallel combination to scavenge energy from 34W fluorescent lights. A set of ultracapacitors were used as the energy storage(More)
Patient vital sign monitoring within hospitals requires the use of non-invasive sensors that are hardwired to bedside monitors. This set-up is cumbersome, forcing the patient to be confined to his hospital bed thereby not allowing him to move around freely within the hospital premises. This paper addresses the use of wireless sensor networks for monitoring(More)
An electromechanical transfer circuit to measure individual battery voltages in series packs Abhiman Hande a,∗, Sukumar Kamalasadan b a Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and CS, University of Texas at Dallas, P.O. Box 830688, EC33, Richardson, TX 75083, United States b Division of Engineering and Computer Technology, University of West Florida, Building(More)
This paper presents a real-time DC Motor speed controller design using a microcontroller-based network system. The design architecture was developed using two Phytec evaluation boards each having an Infineon eightbit C505C-L microcontroller. The system detects the realtime speed of the motor using the sensor device and then transfers data to the first(More)
A unique method has been developed to equalize nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery packs using a new selective equalizer. This equalizer detects batteries either at a very low state of charge (SOC) or at an extremely high SOC. In this system a set of electromechanical relays is connected in a matrix to route boost current to the weaker batteries. The relay(More)
A method has been developed to measure the voltages of individual batteries used in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery packs using a new selective battery measurement system. This system consists of a voltage measurement circuit that measures battery voltages using a set of electromechanical relays connected in a matrix formation. A sixteen-bit(More)
A comparative study of Shrinking Span Membership Function (SSMF) Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) relative to conventional FLCs has been presented in this work. The fuzzy logic controller provides a means of converting a linguistic control strategy based on expert knowledge into an automatic control strategy. The SSMFs have different spans for various term set(More)
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