Abhilasha M. Patel

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Arrhythmia means abnormal rate of heart contraction which is dangerous as it may also cause death. The work proposed in this paper mainly deals with the development of an efficient arrhythmia detection algorithm using ECG signal so that detection of arrhythmia at initial stages is possible using a smart-phone which is readily available anywhere which makes(More)
Ambulatory cardiac monitoring has become an important scenario nowadays as a standard preventive cardiological procedure for detection of cardiac abnormalities. In the proposed system it is achieved with the Android smart phone. Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis is well known to give information about the autonomic heart rate modulation mechanism. In(More)
With heart diseases, and associated complications, being one of the major causes of death around the world, and in spite of decreased mortality rate, detection of irregularities in the rhythms of the heart is a growing field in medical research. Extended patient monitoring during normal activity has become increasingly important as a standard preventive(More)
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