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Discovering novel interactions between HIV-1 and human proteins would greatly contribute to the areas of HIV research. Identification of such interactions leads to a greater insight into drug target prediction. Here we have proposed an association rule mining technique based on biclustering for identifying a set of rules among the human proteins as well as(More)
The Protein Data Bank in Europe (http://pdbe.org) accepts and annotates depositions of macromolecular structure data in the PDB and EMDB archives and enriches, integrates and disseminates structural information in a variety of ways. The PDBe website has been redesigned based on an analysis of user requirements, and now offers intuitive access to improved(More)
Cancer is a phenotypic complexity which affects genes, proteins, pathways and regulatory networks. The research is still in progress to identify the important genes which are responsible for various types of cancer. In this context important genes refers to the gene marker which indicates change in expression or state of protein that correlates with the(More)
The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is the single global repository for three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules and their complexes, and its more than 100,000 structures contain more than 20,000 distinct ligands or small molecules bound to proteins and nucleic acids. Information about these small molecules and their interactions with proteins and(More)
The cost of optical backbone network has increased nowadays. So we need to reduce this cost. One of the major contributory costs is the power consumed by the underlying network. Power may also be consumed by different network equipments viz. add-drop multiplexers (ADM), Network Interface Device (NID), Optical Network Terminal (ONT),(More)
A graph-theoretic approach for non-redundant gene marker selection from microarray gene expression data has been presented in this article. The sample versus gene data presented by microarray data is first converted into a weighted undirected complete feature-graph where the nodes represent the genes having gene's relevance as node weights and the edges are(More)
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