Abhijit V. Deshmukh

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This paper studies static complexity in manufacturing systems. We enumerate factors innuencing static complexity, and deene a static complexity measure in terms of the processing requirements of parts to be produced and machine capabilities. The measure suggested for static complexity in manufacturing systems needs only the information available from(More)
This paper proposes new inter{agent and intra{agent negotiation mechanisms for improving the performance of multi{agent or decentralized manufacturing systems. The overall performance of this system depends on the eeective interactions between agents. This research presents methods which would permit cooperation and multi{stage interactions among agents.(More)
The spectrum of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD) is changing. Apart from antibiotic use, other risk factors such as use of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and immunosuppressive agents, intensive care unit (ICU) stay and inflammatory bowel disease are being recognized. We retrospectively analyzed data on patients whose stool samples were tested(More)
AIM To determine the incidence and risk factors for colorectal cancer (CRC) in patients with ulcerative colitis from a low prevalence region for CRC. METHODS Our prospective database yielded a cohort of 430 patients [age: 44 ± 14.6 years; 248 men (57.7%)] with ulcerative colitis (median disease duration 6, range: 1-39 years) for analysis. Of these, 131(More)
This paper presents a distributed task allocation approach for multi-agent systems. We explicitly consider communication costs between tasks. A comparison of centralized and distributed task allocation methods is presented for agents operating in uncertain, dynamic environments. We present computational results in the context of a multi–agent design(More)
Dehydration of hydrates of pharmaceutical inactive/active ingredients (pharmaceutical hydrates) may easily occur during storage or manufacturing. Loss of water may have little effect on the crystal lattice, produce less hydrated forms or possibly amorphous form. Characterizing the effects of water loss on crystal hydrate forms is important for understanding(More)
Agent-based manufacturing systems ooer several advantages over hierarchically organized systems. However, performance of agent-based systems has been a major concern which has hampered widespread acceptance of these systems. Several researchers have noted that the performance of agent-based systems is highly sensitive to the bidding or negotiation protocols(More)
INTRODUCTION Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD) is an increasing problem. Recent reports suggest presence of community acquired CDAD (CA CDAD). Studies in India have shown varied results. AIMS The following are the aims of this study: (a) the prevalence of CDAD and CA CDAD in patients with acute diarrhea; (b) the incremental yield of second(More)
Smith, David L. MSIE, Purdue University, May 2015. Machining as a Mechanical Property Test Revisited. Major Professor: Srinivasan Chandrasekar. There is much need for data on mechanical behavior of metals at high strains and strain rates. This need is dictated by modeling of processes like forming and machining, wherein the material in the deformation zone(More)
Xiong, Aiping. M.S.I.E., Purdue University, August 2014. Influence of Referential Coding in a Choice Task Performed in a Simulated Driving Cockpit. Major Professors: Robert W. Proctor and Vincent Duffy. Driving and other tasks performed by the driver of a vehicle are spatial. Thus, it is important to understand how the driver represents the spatial(More)