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  • J. D. M. Dewi, Ph. Podsiadlowski, A. Sena
  • 2006
We present the results of a systematic exploration of an alternative evolutionary scenario to form double neutron-star binaries, first proposed by Brown (1995), which does not involve a neutron star passing through a common envelope. In this scenario, the initial binary components have very similar masses, and both components have left the main sequence(More)
We study the noise activated dynamics of a model autapse neuron system that consists of a subcritical Hopf oscillator with a time delayed nonlinear feedback. The coherence of the noise driven pulses of the neuron exhibits a novel double peaked structure as a function of the noise amplitude. The two peaks correspond to separate optimal noise levels for(More)
Transparent conductive tin oxide materials have been a research topic extensively studied in recent years due to the great interest for many applications. However, in most of them, the pure form is rarely used, being usually modified by the incorporation of dopants. Selecting the most appropriate technique to develop nanocrystals of doped tin oxide and(More)
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