Abhijit Sarma

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The heterogeneous network (HetNet) is an important concept for next-generation wireless Internet architecture and Internet of Things, where several wireless technologies can coexist, and the users should have the flexibility to select the connectivity based on the environmental condition and application demands. IEEE 802.11 (or WiFi) and IEEE 802.16 (or(More)
IEEE 802.11 is a popular wireless LAN standard and because of its low cost and good bandwidth, it is widely used now a days. Due to the small cell size frequent handoffs may occur while roaming in an area covered by several access points and a high handoff latency may cause disruptions in ongoing communications. To support voice and multimedia applications,(More)
IEEE 802.11 Community wireless hotspots are widely used to provide ubiquitous Internet connections to the end-users in public areas such as airports and restaurants. The recent analysis of the traffic pattern in a wireless hotspot shows more APs are deployed in a public area than required, though the users visit only a few APs. As a consequence, severe load(More)
IEEE 802.11 has become very popular wireless technology to offer high speed Internet access at public places called the ‘Hot-Spots’. This has enabled users to access multimedia and other real time applications using wireless local area networks (WLAN). In IEEE 802.11 WLAN technology, associations between a mobile station and an access point (AP) is(More)
Operational Business Intelligence (BI) is gaining immense popularity nowadays and finds the biggest growth in managing and optimizing day to day business operations. Organizations have leveraged the use of BI for their strategic, tactical use and proliferating into low level decision making for smooth running of business operations. In this paper we present(More)
IEEE 802.11 is a widely used wireless LAN standard which offers a good bandwidth at low cost In an ESS, multiple APs can co-exist with overlapping coverage area. A mobile node connects to the AP from which it receives the best signal. Changes in traffic to and from different MNs occur over time. Load imbalance may develop on different APs. Throughput and(More)
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