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Comparative phenotypic, chemotaxonomic and genetic analysis revealed significant similarities among strains of the genera Tepidiphilus and Petrobacter. Analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences and DNA-DNA(More)
A Gram-negative, short rod, aerobic bacterium, designated W11(T), was isolated from seawater. Heterotrophic growth was observed at 10-45 °C and pH 6-10. Optimal growth was observed at 30-37 °C and pH(More)
A novel marine bacterium, strain LBS2(T) was isolated from eggs carried on pleopods of the spiny lobster collected from Andaman Sea. Heterotrophic growth occurred at 1-7% NaCl. 16S rRNA gene sequence(More)
A novel Gram-negative, aerobic, motile marine bacterium, strain S4-41T, was isolated from mucus of the coral Acropora digitifera from the Andaman Sea. Heterotrophic growth was observed in 0–25 %(More)