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The objective of this paper is to describe an integral approach - based on the use of a super-resolution frequency estimation method - to phase shifting interferometry, starting from phase step estimation to phase evaluation at each point on the object surface. Denoising is also taken into consideration for the case of a signal contaminated with white(More)
Cramér-Rao Bounds (CRB) for the expected variance in the parameter space were examined for Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT), to define the lower bound (CRLB) of an ideal system. The results show that the relative standard deviation in the optical parameter estimate follows an inverse quadratic function with respect to signal to noise ratio (SNR). The CRLB(More)
In today's world, smart-phones and tablets have allowed cloud computing to realize it's true potential. It allows the users to use software, services and data on the go. This has resulted in increased study on cloud computing. With increased research in cloud computing, emphasis has been made in load balancing that allocates resources to multiple devices.(More)
Caesar cipher is an ancient, elementary method of encrypting plain text message into cipher text protecting it from adversaries. However, with the advent of powerful computers, there is a need for increasing the complexity of such techniques. This paper contributes in the area of classical cryptography by providing a modified and expanded version for Caesar(More)
— Soon after the world was in awe of the 'Hologram technology', came in a new technique which can capture and recreate the rich feel of real surfaces. It is a combination of Haptic technology and virtual touches which is known as 'Haptography' or 'Haptic photography'. The focus here is to present the way in which the feel of a surface is recreated virtually(More)