Abhijit Mitra

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— We describe an effective method for image encryption which employs magnitude and phase manipulation using carrier images. Although it involves traditional methods like magnitude and phase encryptions, the novelty of this work lies in deploying the concept of carrier images for encryption purpose. To this end, a carrier image is randomly chosen from a set(More)
—The paper provides an in-depth tutorial of mathematical construction of maximal length sequences (m-sequences) via primitive polynomials and how to map the same when implemented in shift registers. It is equally important to check whether a polynomial is primitive or not so as to get proper m-sequences. A fast method to identify primitive polynomials over(More)
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) together called MIMO-OFDM has emerged as the viable alterative to meet the demands of greater bandwidth and quality of service of the ever expanding mobile communication networks. For MIMO-OFDM systems channel estimation is one of the challenging issues.(More)
Estimation of Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) channels can be performed by Artificial Neural Network (ANN)s such as Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP)s. However, the cost of training overload in case of time varying MIMO channels is the main bottleneck of such ANN architectures for which a viable alterative, namely, the Recursive Recurrent Network (RNN) is(More)
Stochastic nature of wireless channels has continued to make channel estimation a challenging issue. The statistical nature of wireless channels can be tackled using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) like a multi layer perceptron (MLP) which can be used to provide channel estimation and symbol recovery to minimize the deficiencies of multi-user(More)