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Every year, from December to April, anthropogenic haze spreads over most of the North Indian Ocean, and South and Southeast Asia. The Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) documented this Indo-Asian haze at scales ranging from individual particles to its contribution to the regional climate forcing. This study integrates the multiplatform observations(More)
The Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) was an international, multiplatform field campaign to measure long-range transport of air pollution from South and Southeast Asia toward the Indian Ocean during the dry monsoon season in January to March 1999. Surprisingly high pollution levels were observed over the entire northern Indian Ocean toward the Intertropical(More)
Brucella abortus is a facultative intracellular pathogen that survives and replicates in host macrophages. Hence, macrophage function plays an important role in influencing natural resistance/susceptibility to intracellular pathogen. The natural resistance associated macrophage protein 1 (NRAMP1; erstwhile referred as Ity/Lsh/Bcg), a transmembrane protein,(More)
Natural resistance associated macrophage protein 1 (NRAMP1), an integral transmembrane protein, is reported to influence the intraphagosomal microbial replication and thereby confer resistance to several intracellular pathogens in mice. In bovine, a significant association of (GT)(13) allelic variant of polymorphic microsatellite at 3' untranslated region(More)
Evidence obtained during recent years provided has insight into the regulation of corpus luteum (CL) development, function, and regression by locally produced ghrelin. The present study was carried out to evaluate the expression and localization of ghrelin and its receptor (GHS-R1a) in bubaline CL during different stages of the estrous cycle and investigate(More)
The genetic diversity of MHC class II DQ genes was investigated in riverine buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) by PCR-RFLP and sequencing. Highly variable regions (exons 2-3) of DQ genes were amplified from 152 buffaloes and genotyped by PCR-RFLP. Alleles identified by differential restriction patterns were sequenced for the characterization. PCR-RFLP was a rapid(More)
[reaction: see text] Herein we report a new set of silyl ether reagents for determining the enantiomeric purity and absolute stereochemistry of secondary alcohols. These derivatives are easily synthesized, provide straightforward spectroscopic results, and allow for facile recovery of the original chiral alcohol.
In the present study, we explored structural and functional variations and possible duplication of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-DQA gene in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Two cDNA sequences, amplified from one individual water buffalo, were designated as Bubu-DQA1 (DQA*0101) and -DQA2 (DQA*2001). The percentage of nucleotide and amino acid(More)