Abhijit M Deshpande

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The kinetics of the treatment of a pharmaceutical wastewater (PW), pretreated in a first stage by electrocaogulation (EC), using an anaerobic fixed-film fixed-bed reactor was investigated. The experimental results for the substrate removal kinetics were found to be in good agreement with those of the Monod model and the modified Stover-Kincannon model, with(More)
In a double blind short term clinical study, nitroxazepine has been found to be superior over placebo in reducing the diastolic blood pressure in mild hypertensive patients. In short term open clinical trial design nitroxazepine (25 mg PO, HS) has been found to be superior and better tolerated than diazepam (5 mg PO, HS). In open clinical trial design,(More)
This article discusses a combined treatment system comprising electrocoagulation (EC) as a pre-treatment followed by anaerobic fixed film fixed bed reactor (AFFBR) for treatment of high strength pharmaceutical wastewater. The effect of various operating parameters such as pH, current density and electrolysis duration on COD, BOD and colour removal was(More)
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